Port A H20 kite camps are a great way to learn a new sport in a group setting. Camps are a great way to immerse yourself in the sport and be up and riding in as little time as possible.

Save money with a group lesson and learn to ride with your friends!


Camps include:

Trainer kite flying

Bar and line safety systems                       1352673965511

Inflatable kite set up and flying

water relaunching

water starts

Riding upwind


 2 day camp/ $390 per person 

  3 hrs/day

3 day camp / $590 per person

 3 hrs/ day


“When my boys, ages 13 and 17, decided they wanted to try their hand at kiteboarding I called on Mike Wagner at Port A H2O in Port Aransas, Texas. To my boys, both seasoned wakeboarders, sailing across the water on a board with the use of only a kite sounded like the ultimate thrill. Thanks to Mike and H2O, they learned how to kiteboard amazingly quickly. On the second three hour lesson, Mike had both boys up and going. By the third lesson, they were riding longer distances and learning how to turn. I don’t know who was more excited: the boys, Mike or myself. Mike was extremely patient and an excellent teacher. I was most impressed with his encouragement to the boys and how special he made them feel as they progressed. He is a true professional and now a friend. For anyone interested in learning kiteboarding I would highly recommend Mike Wagner and Port A H2O.