$795 new/ $650 used

Introducing the new B Ray soft board by Boardworks.

Plenty wide with ample glide, the B Ray is the perfect introductory SUP board. Soft on the top and rails for extra comfort, safety, and durability, the B Ray is a fun board for the whole family.

10’6″ or 11’6″  in Blue or Green

Width: 33″

Thickness: 5″

volume: 228



BOUNCE 10’6        

$1149 new/ $1049 used

Perfect for all levels. Light weight, durable with high performance.

The Swiss army knife of stand up paddleboards, our incredibly durable 10’6″ multipurpose shape is designed to be good at everything. Great in small surf, superb in whitewater, and fun for a day of cruising or practicing yoga. Built with the same trusted Bounce Technology, this stand up paddleboard is perfect for those who tend to put their equipment to the test with rocky shorelines, busy rental docks, jagged launch points and whitewater rapids. Riders can expect superb surf performance as the board remains lightweight with excellent maneuverability.

Length: 10’6″
Width: 31.5″
Thickness: 4.5
Volume: 210L
Weight: 31lb





BOUNCE 11’4  TCT    

TCT:  $1249 new

H-TCT :   $1349 new


Performance and durability for flat water.

Our flagship model, this stand up paddleboard is perfect for those who want to cruise easily on flat water, rivers, lakes or ocean waves. The aerodynamic shape paired with a displacement hull allows the board to effortlessly cut through water. The scooped-out deck brings stability by putting the rider lower in the water. Hard rails and a 32″ width ensure that even novice riders stay dry.

Length: 11’4″
Width: 32″
Thickness: 4.75
Volume: 215L
Weight: 33lb (TCT), 28lb (H-TCT)
H-TCT only: Automated breather valve and drain plug







Boardworks Joy ride  9’11   $850

The Joy Ride is a full soft deck board designed with stability and fun in mind. At 33-34″ wide, with flat rockers and thick foils, this board is sure to please the paddler looking for a stable platform, perfect for beginners transitioning through to intermediate levels. The Joy Rides are also shorter respectively, making it easy to maneuver, transport, and store. The Joy Ride is also really fun in small mushy surf. Be it on a lake, river, or in the ocean, these boards will to put the Joy in your Ride!

Video is of a 2014 model and features a different traction pad on top, 2015 is pictured below.

9’11” x 33″ x 4 3/4

volume:  197



Boardworks Shubu (inflatable)


Shubu 10’2 & 10’10

10’2″ x 34″ x 4″

10’10” x 34″ x 4″







Kialoa paddles

Insanity fiberglass/ adjustable:  $200

Crazy Light.  Crazy Strong. Crazy Affordable.

Our bestselling adjustable paddle of all time.  A combination of a durable Fibrlite™ blade, smooth clean fiberglass shaft and Utility Palm™ with LeverLock® technology proves there is nothing missing in this paddle.  All of our paddles are assembled in the good old USA by guys with names like Ty, Rick or Matt.  The quality of construction and commitment to craftsmanship it took to develop and produce the Insanity Fiberglass Adjustable is the reason you will find this in more hands, both on the water and in shops, around the country.



Kialoa Tiare adjustable:  $200

Traditional adjustable paddles are male minded.  Not this one. We combined a Slim Shaft™ that fits like a glove, an 80 square inch blade, and our LeverLock® adjustable technology with a range of 66”-82”.  By doing this we’ve created a lightweight paddle that is ergonomically designed for women.  Adjust the height for varying conditions or share it with your friends.





Kialo GL surf:  $369 (new)

                                $300 (demo)

The GL Surf, (named after our friend and neighbor Gerry Lopez), created a ripple in the stand-up paddle surf community.  Introduced in 2014, this surf specific paddle features a symmetrical blade for easy skimming along with rounded blade edges that will protect your board and not bury the edge of the blade. In 2015 we’ve improved this paddle by responding to requests to make is slightly smaller, which is exactly what we did and the 100% carbon shaft is perfect for those who desire a stiff brace while making turns.  The GL Surf II is available with a Carbon Palm or Carbon Ergo-T™. Another option is to upgrade to a carbon adjustable 6″ Pro-T™ which  gives you the ability to adjust  on the fly depending on conditions, board thickness or personal preference.  Just pick you shortest potential length and the 6″ Pro-T adds 6 inches of adjustability from there. Designed for surfers by surfers.




Kialoa Aloha:  $135

We understand that after a significant investment into a board you don’t want to compromise on what is equally important…..your paddle.  The Aloha offers all of the features needed in a recreational all-around paddle at a great price.  With a sure-grip carbon infused fiberglass textured shaft, durable colorful nylon blade and the best adjustable mechanism on the market, you can confidently spend your time on the water knowing you have invested in a solid choice that could outlive that board you just picked up.






Kialoa Keiki (kids) adjustable:  $135

Groms have specific needs that often go unrecognized.  We have found the most important features in a kid’s paddle include a smaller shaft, a smaller adjustable range, a manageable blade size and a paddle that floats.  The Keiki II addresses all of these.  With an adjustable range of 53-69” this paddle will fit a child who is between 3’6” to 5’ tall assuming the handle is 10” overhead.  The 70 square inch teardrop shaped blade is great because if your child only puts a part of the blade in the water it will still move them towards their destination.  Available in fun fresh blade colors.