The next best thing to surfing and its an endless wave!  Wakesurfing is one of the fastest growing sports on the water and Port A H2O is offering lessons.  This will be the most amazing experience you will have on your trip to the coast.

As a sport, surfing is difficult to master whereas surfing behind a boat, or wakesurfing, is safe and easy.  Surfing in the waves is about 99% paddling making it very challenging and tiring. No need to fight against the current and struggle in the choppy waves, a wakesurf wave is as easy as it gets!

We can teach the entire family to surf and the beauty of it is everyone is there only a few feet away to take pictures, videos and cheer on the person learning or surfing.  It is the most amazing experience seeing your friends and family learn to surf right in front of you!

We use a V-drive wakeboard boat that is as safe as it gets.  Most boats have the propeller behind the boat making them very dangerous for wakesurfing.  A V-drive wakeboard boat has the prop underneath the boat making it as safe as it gets.  Our 23′, 16 passenger boat is specifically engineered to make a perfect wakesurfing wave which makes it easier to learn.  



Private lessons and charters/ call for pricing 

2 hour charters starting at $225

Includes all gas and gear needed


When booking your surf lessons we will need to know how many people will be surfing and how many people will be watching and hanging out.  Our boat is 16 passenger with plenty of room to watch your friends and family shredding it up behind the boat.

Dont miss out, call now to get on the schedule!