The best answer for this question is simple: because it is for EVERYONE!  There is no pull from the boat, no drag on the surfer, and generally no pain from a wreck!  It truly is a perfect solution for all ages of people.


Beat Rough Water
Wakesurfing is really fun to do when beach conditions are poor which is quite often in South Texas. You don’t need perfect conditions to wakesurf, and you can always have a ton of fun when you wouldn’t be on the water anyway. 

Get Social
Wakesurfing is great because it’s super social. You’re right up against the back of the boat so you and your friends can talk, cheer each other on and teach each other. It’s nice not to be 75 feet back sometimes. It’s definitely a social event. — Chad Sharpe (pro wakeboarder)

I love the freedom of wakesurfing. You’re not connected to the board or boat and you’re just cruising down this endless wave. It’s an amazing feeling. — Brina Grubb (pro wakeboarder)