Learning to kiteboard without an instructor is one of the most frustrating and expensive mistakes people make when getting into the sport. A 3 hour lesson will provide you with an extensive amount of knowledge and time flying several different kites to help you quickly progress toward riding. We have developed a step by step system that is proven to work by breaking the learning process into steps to safely and efficiently get you riding.

The biggest misconception about kiteboarding lessons is that after a few minutes flying the kite you will be ready to put a board on and ride. As you will learn in our 3 hour beginner lesson there is an extensive amount to be learned before even thinking about riding across the water. We however break it down into easy steps to get you to the point of safely trying to put a board on your feet while still flying the kite and practicing your first water starts. This is when it gets interesting, imagine wakeboarding while driving the boat!

In your kiteboarding lesson we’ll teach you to efficiently fly the kite, put the board on, and generate power with the kite to get up and ride there will be countless other mistakes to make. When our students ride for the first time at Port A H2O a professional instructor is right behind them is shallow flat water to critique mistakes and quickly make improvements. This is something you do not get with most schools where the instructor is on the beach waiting for you to return to the beach.